Facts about Wrestling

Wrestling is a combat sport that includes the type of wrestling techniques such as pins, joint locks, takedowns and throws, clinch fighting and other wrestling holds. It is about a physical competition, among two fighting partners or competitors, who attempt to maintain and gain a higher position.

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There are an extensive variety of styles with variable rules with both modern and traditional important styles. The techniques of wrestling have been combined into other types of martial arts and also the military unarmed systems of combat.

The History of Wrestling
Wrestling signifies one of the ancient combat forms. In literary references about this, it happens as early as in the Iliad that Homer checks the Trojan War of the 12th or 13th century BC. The wrestling heritages are almost 15,000 years through cave drawings in France. Egyptian and Babylonian reliefs show wrestlers mostly use the holds, which is popular in the present-day sport. The first prearranged wrestling tournament, which is held last 1888 in New York City. Since year 1904 wrestling is recognized as an event at each modern Olympic Games.

The Legends of Wrestling

The first references about wrestling will be found on its legend. The following are the different legends of wrestling:
• Rustam of the Book of King (Shahnameh) is observed as the highest wrestler by Iranian pehalvan.
• The Mahabharata is defines as a wrestling match (malla-dwandwa) among the talented wrestlers Jarasandha and Bhima.
• After the wrestling match of Zeus to his father (Cronus), the Greek legends celebrated his increase as the leader of the earth. Thesseus and Heracles were famed for their wrestling against man and beast.
• About the epic of Gigalmesh: he established his reliability as a leader, after the Enkidu wrestling.
• The Greek wrestling was a well-known form of martial art, at least in Ancient Greece.
• Frenchman is usually credited with regrouping European movable wrestling into an expert sport, which is the Greco-Roman wrestling.

Wrestling has different type of style, which is given on this article. It is good to know that behind of the popularity of these sports. There are lot of things that you never know before. The information given above will give you knowledge about wrestling, especially to those who is hook on these sports.